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Replacement Guarantee

Reis kochen mit Reiskocher

PSD060 350W 0,6L, FABRIQUE EN CHINE, Made in China 230v 50hz, Distribue par Paris Store S.A.R..L. 12-21 Rue du puiits dixxme, Senia 712, 9465 THAI CEDE (RICE COOKER/ FOOD STEAMER) AUTO-CUISEURS DE RIZ AVEC BOL VAPEUR, Für Lebensmittel/ Voor Levensmiddelen 012435 "Verkauf in 1 set"

This warranty services includes 6 months free of charge maintain of product
form purchasing date.

This warranty services ecludes consumed spare parts, as fuse, inner pot, and
so on... The customer will enable to enjoy the warranty services in normal
operation, any one of following description will not includes warranty services:

  • Connect impropriety power supply
  • Not according to instruction manual description
  • Accidents cause the damages
  • Mis-operation and used of ignorances
  • Self-mend or alter to this product
  • Impropriety assembly.

For above problems, we won't be responsible for free-ofcharge maintain, we
will accept the charges of correspond to material, cost and services.

In normal operation, any problems, place contact our service Centre.

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1. Caution ... and the surface of the heating plate otherwise the cooker's performance will be affected, and in serious case, its parts or elements burnt out.

2. Caution Don't incline or slant the pan, otherwise its bottom will not be in full contact with the heating plate andsome parts or elements will be burnt out. ...

3. Caution Place the rice in the pan evenly at the same level as illustrated. ...

4. Caution Dn't immerge the cooker into water. Clean it with a piece of soft and damp cloth when soiled. As for the pan's cleaning, it can be washed with water. ...

5. Caution Don't use the cooker to boil acid or alkaline foodstuff. Don't keep the cooker in corrosive gases or damp place. ...

6. Caution For safety's sake, the plug must not be put in the power socket before placing the pan in the cooker, and it must be ...

7. Caution Don't use the cooker on or near conbustibles. ...

8. Caution Don't to hurtle the pan, and Don't heating the pain in other stove, otherwise, it become deformed. ...

9. Caution Avoid damaging non-stick coating of the pan, you must use the food spoon when you taking rice. ...

10. Caution The earth wire of this product is green or yellow an green. ...

11. Caution Be sure to handle the power cord with care. ...

Reikocher 0,6 Liter und 1,0 Liter